Services Offered by Straight Business LLC

At Straight Business LLC our services are of the highest quality. We pride ourselves on providing stable, reliable services and support for your business needs. All businesses need a helping hand at some point. It is not uncommon for businesses to need temporary increase in staffing. During periods of high demand for services, unexpected staffing issues could arise because of sickness, unscheduled emergency leave, and general staff absentees. Straight fills the need for expert or specialist personnel that can come in and make an immediate positive impact to your company and many times your bottom line. With our blend of experienced senior managers and top graduates, we can provide your company with stability, and a cutting-edge temporary workforce, which is knowledge and experience, at prices that will make you smile.

Business Services

Professional Services: Administrative, Human Resources, Accounting & Tax Services, Information Technology, Project Management, Legal, Notary, Photography and Staffing

Training Services: Entrepreneurship and Professional Development Training, Administrative Management, Project Management, Information Technology

Accounting and Tax Services

We have accounting people that can help your business regardless of your needs. Straight furnishes accounting professionals from bookkeepers to CPAs. Regardless of your needs we provide solutions.

Administrative Services

Our administrative staff is second to none. We provide constant training to staff in order to meet your business needs. We provide Project Management Assistants, MS Office Professionals, and clerical professionals with varying skillsets.

Legal Services

Straight Business LLC provides a variety of Legal Services to include but not limited to: legal representation, contracts, contract review, and notary services (including mobile notary).

Photography Services

Our event photography group covers a large spectrum of events. The events can range from marches and rallies to corporate engagements and parties. With photographers across the United States; your needs are just a click away.